Bons baisers de Bangkok – ArtFX au Siggraph Asia !

On en rêvait depuis longtemps… Cette année, c’est pour de vrai, on y va. On s’envole pour Bangkok ! Non, on ne part pas à l’autre bout de la planète pour visiter les temples et les palais ni manger les meilleurs Pad Thaï… On a pris un billet pour la 10e édition du SIGGRAPH ASIA ! Et on y tient un stand pour présenter notre école aux représentants de l’infographie 3D (CG) et des nouvelles technologies interactives du monde entier. Quel honneur !

Donc du 27 au 30 novembre 2017, l’école ArtFX sera présentée parmi les plus grands noms de l’innovation technologique et de la CG, comme Epic Games, Unity, SideFX, ILM, Pixar ou encore Adobe Systems. Pour ses 10 bougies, le SIGGRAPH ASIA célèbre la vie et la technologie (“The Celebration of life and technology” est le thème de cette édition). On est heureux de fêter ça avec eux !




ACM SIGGRAPH est une communauté internationale de chercheurs, réalisateurs, scientifiques et chefs d’entreprises qui partagent un intérêt et une passion commune pour la 3D et les technologies interactives. Cette organisation est née en 1974 et son objectif est de promouvoir l’innovation technologique. Deux grands rendez-vous sont organisés chaque année pour réunir les plus grands acteurs du secteur : le SIGGRAPH a lieu dans un pays du continent nord-américain et le SIGGRAPH ASIA dans un pays du continent asiatique. Au programme de ces événements internationaux : conférences (+ de 600 speakers au rendez-vous !), exposition, démonstrations, expérimentations, rencontres…


Siggraph Asia 2016

Siggraph Asia 2016

Siggraph Asia 2016

Siggraph Asia 2016


Alors autant vous dire que nous sommes plus que fiers de se placer au cœur d’un des événements les plus dynamiques au monde en terme de nouvelles technologies ! Pendant ces 4 jours, on risque d’en prendre les yeux et de remplir notre carnet d’adresse ! En effet, le SIGGRAPH ASIA attire chaque année près de 7000 professionnels d’environ 50 pays différents et passionnés par la recherche, la science, l’art, l’animation, les jeux vidéo, l’interactivité, l’éducation et l’émergences de nouvelles technologies.

Si vous passez par la Thaïlande, vous nous trouverez au stand E14 dans un immense parc expo, peut-être le plus gros du pays, le BITEC (The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre) ! Sinon, on vous donnera des nouvelles sur notre page Facebook et sur Twitter ! Stay tuned.

#ArtFXinAsia Siggraph Asia







Du 27 au 30 novembre 2017
BITEC – Bangkok – Thaïlande

Live workshop: DSLR beauty shoot workflow

Saturday 5th of April was the open door day at ArtFX. It’s the perfect moment for our students and team to show all the hard work of the previous year.
But also to host different live event, workshops. One of them was recorded for those who could not make it this day. It’s the DSLR workshop, on how to shoot a model from A to Z, shooting to retouching.Read More

Game designer, professional gamer profile

Playing is a natural activity. Animals and humans, regardless of age, religion, sex or country, play. We play principally for pleasure, either alone or in groups. However, the type of fun that players look for comes from different places.  In fact, the motivations change by virtue of the participants:  confrontation, discovery, socialization…

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Kick Ass 3 : return of the Revenge

Everybody  has dreamed of being a Superhero at least once in his life. Flying, reading minds, shooting spider webs, or understanding a David Lynch movie… there are tons of super powers to stir up our imagination, and visual effects are often used to represent them. It seems logical then that at the beginning of our fourth year in ArtFx, we got a brand new assignment: creating a fake teaser for a Superhero movie: Kick-Ass 3!


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Teleportation in the VFX

Have you ever dreamed of passing, in the blink of an eye, from your kitchen to your office without dealing with traffic or crowed public transportation options ? No ??

Well, from time to time I have. And thanks to a Compositing exercise, that dream is closer to becoming a reality !

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Golaem Crowd: Crowd Control in Maya

We are taking advantage of the official release of Amasia to present Golaem Crowd, the crowd simulator from publishers of the same name. Golaem Crowd publishers is an ArtFx partner. This software and its latest package has been used by the Amasia film crew to create around 30,000 characters.Read More

3D Texturing with Mari software

Mari is a 3D texturing software developed by Weta Digital for the productions of King Kong and Avatar. Several years later, the software was acquired by The Foundry (Nuke, Hiero, Katana, Modo) and was rapidly popular in some of the largest post-production studios (Digital Domain, MPC, Framestore, Dneg, ILM…). The principal strength of Mari is to be able to paint directly on the 3D model. So, you no longer have to deal with matching or deformation of texture problems. This year at ArtFx, I had the chance to work with this very modern software.Read More

Optical Flare plug-in

In April the Video Copilot publisher launched the the Nuke version of the famous Optical Flares plugin. This is great news for everyone since this plugin was previously only available through After Effects. In addition to this, new tools have been announced!
For those of you who don’t yet know this tool, we’ll guide you through it! And as an added bonus, you will get the opinions of ArtFx students have used this plugin in After Effects.Read More

The rendering engineer Arnold

This is an important tool for our 4th year students who have been working on their films for several months. Two film teams are using Arnold, the rendering engine from Solid Angle society, which is an ArtFx partner. Below we discuss this software in detail with the students who have tested it.Read More

Special Effects: “Clones” exercise

In the framework of our compositing course and development of critical thinking around the creation of special effects, we developed an exercise which requires students to make three characters interact with each other. The challenge being that the three characters must be played by the same actor so the ‘interactions’ are completely staged.Read More

Course update: green screen filming

Since coming back to school, the third year students at ArtFx have been working on a compositing exercise. The goal: to create a teaser and a poster for an imaginary feature film which would be the continuation of an existing trilogy. The students must, therefore, use the artistic direction and characters from the previous films.Read More

Filming Workshop: A walk in the park?

In the fourth year at ArtFx, the courses are often in the form of workshops. During several continuous days, we work on perfecting a specific technique. These workshops are done while the film projects are being made. The Filming Workshop is at the beginning of the fourth year and finalizes the training provided during the three previous years.Read More

Julien Mokrani: fanfilms maker

Photographer and director, Julien Mokrani has given homage in his own unique way to two important comic books. The result: two fanfilms which have opened several doors within the cinematographic industry. It’s a meeting of the love of cinema, amateur film noir lighting and expressionism…Read More

“Paperman” and the Meander technology

The short animation film “Paperman” from Walt Disney studios was seen in theaters in November 2012 as an introduction to the film “Wreck it Ralph”. Mixing CG and traditional animation, “Paperman’ is a revolution in the animation world.Read More

DMM: another simulation example

No one is letting go of this revolutionary tool at ArtFx ! The second year students have been able to test the DMM plug-in in a Dynamics and Simulations course. This provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate another plug-in application to you.Read More