Techniques & Skills

Filming Workshop – 1st Level

Filming Workshop – 1st Level  / 3rd Years  // First approach to filming

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Live workshop: DSLR beauty shoot workflow

Saturday 5th of April was the open door day at ArtFX. It’s the perfect moment for our students and team to show all the hard work of the previous year.
But also to host different live event, workshops. One of them was recorded for those who could not make it this day. It’s the DSLR workshop, on how to shoot a model from A to Z, shooting to retouching.

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Game designer, professional gamer profile

Playing is a natural activity. Animals and humans, regardless of age, religion, sex or country, play. We play principally for pleasure, either alone or in groups. However, the type of fun that players look for comes from different places.  In fact, the motivations change by virtue of the participants:  confrontation, discovery, socialization…

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Kick Ass 3 : return of the Revenge

Everybody  has dreamed of being a Superhero at least once in his life. Flying, reading minds, shooting spider webs, or understanding a David Lynch movie… there are tons of super powers to stir up our imagination, and visual effects are often used to represent them. It seems logical then that at the beginning of our fourth year in ArtFx, we got a brand new assignment: creating a fake teaser for a Superhero movie: Kick-Ass 3!


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Teleportation in the VFX

Have you ever dreamed of passing, in the blink of an eye, from your kitchen to your office without dealing with traffic or crowed public transportation options ? No ??

Well, from time to time I have. And thanks to a Compositing exercise, that dream is closer to becoming a reality !

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