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ArtFx Inauguration

Last Friday on March 11th, ArtFx’s inauguration of its new building was attended by a number of elected officials.  During his speech, Gilbert Kiner, Director of ArtFx and President of RECA, thanked the following officials for their presence:  Mr. Philippe Saurel, Mayor of Montpellier and President of the Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis, Mr. Christian Assaf, Deputy of the 8th Precinct of the Hérault, Ms. Chantal Marion, Vice President of Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis, Jean Pierre RICO, Mayor of Pérols and Mr. Dorel Plantier cultural attaché to the Mayor of Pérols.


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Graduation’s professional Jury : the 2015 edition !


On June 26th, the annual ArtFx Jury took place. This is a key moment underlining the 5th year students’ graduation.


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FMX – Part II – Beyond booths, presentations and networking….

This year marked the 20th anniversary of FMX in Stuttgart, Germany. In attendance for this occasion were ArtFx students Estelle Lagarde (specializing in VFX ) and Franck Menigoz (specializing in 3D Animation). When they weren’t working as ambassadors of ArtFx – manning a booth and presenting the school to an audience of around 100 people – they were attending conference presentations by various artists and teachers from within the field.

Below, are summaries of the presentations that had the most lasting impression on them.


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“Acting for Animators – Part I”

This workshop was specially dedicated to animators. It was presented by Ed Hooks, a professional actor who provides training programs for actors and animators alike. The complete ‘Acting for Animators’ workshop was six hours long and held over two days. Below is an overview the topics covered during Part I which was held on Thursday morning. Part II was so popular that it was already full by the time I arrived on Friday morning.


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ArtFx at FMX 2015 Stuttgart, Germany // May 5-8, 2015 //

This year marked the 20th Anniversary of FMX in Stuttgart, Germany. Hosted by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in cooperation with the Visual Effects Society, ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics, this conference celebrates and explores the fields of Animation, Visual Effects, Video Games and Transmedia.


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