Cinema & Visual Effects

ArtFx vous donne rendez-vous à Cinémed

Dans le cadre du 36e festival Cinémed, ArtFx sera au rendez-vous lors de la 4e journée des métiers du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel du 25 octobre au 1er novembre prochain. Au programme cette année, la diffusion des virgules créées par les élèves et un Atelier Cinéma encadré par notre équipe pour vous initier aux métiers de demain.

Venez nous rencontrer sur le stand d’ArtFx  – Montpellier,  Corum – Palais des congrès, Hall 0 – De 10h à 17h – Accès libre et gratuit

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Filming Workshop – 1st Level

Filming Workshop – 1st Level  / 3rd Years  // First approach to filming

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Kick Ass 3 : return of the Revenge

Everybody  has dreamed of being a Superhero at least once in his life. Flying, reading minds, shooting spider webs, or understanding a David Lynch movie… there are tons of super powers to stir up our imagination, and visual effects are often used to represent them. It seems logical then that at the beginning of our fourth year in ArtFx, we got a brand new assignment: creating a fake teaser for a Superhero movie: Kick-Ass 3!


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Teleportation in the VFX

Have you ever dreamed of passing, in the blink of an eye, from your kitchen to your office without dealing with traffic or crowed public transportation options ? No ??

Well, from time to time I have. And thanks to a Compositing exercise, that dream is closer to becoming a reality !

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2013 graduation class: Featured in Thinkbox Software!

Thinkbox Software publisher is featuring four films from the 2013 graduation class :

Initium, Catch a Lot, Runaway and Atome. The common point for these films : their film team used one of this publisher’s leading softwares, Krakatoa for Maya (Volumetric Particle Renderer for Autodesk Maya).

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