Optical Flare plug-in

In April the Video Copilot publisher launched the the Nuke version of the famous Optical Flares plugin. This is great news for everyone since this plugin was previously only available through After Effects. In addition to this, new tools have been announced!
For those of you who don’t yet know this tool, we’ll guide you through it! And as an added bonus, you will get the opinions of ArtFx students have used this plugin in After Effects.Read More

The rendering engineer Arnold

This is an important tool for our 4th year students who have been working on their films for several months. Two film teams are using Arnold, the rendering engine from Solid Angle society, which is an ArtFx partner. Below we discuss this software in detail with the students who have tested it.Read More

Course update: green screen filming

Since coming back to school, the third year students at ArtFx have been working on a compositing exercise. The goal: to create a teaser and a poster for an imaginary feature film which would be the continuation of an existing trilogy. The students must, therefore, use the artistic direction and characters from the previous films.Read More

DMM: another simulation example

No one is letting go of this revolutionary tool at ArtFx ! The second year students have been able to test the DMM plug-in in a Dynamics and Simulations course. This provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate another plug-in application to you.Read More

Digital Molecular Matter: The Pixelux Revolution

ArtFx has developed a partnerships with the Pixelux society which will allow the school to test the “Digital Molecular Matter” (DMM), a simulation system which models the materials of objects so one can divide them into molecules or be able to apply pressure to them and bend them. This is a real revolution, available as a plug-in through Maya and 3ds Max. We are salivating over this…Read More