Sebastien Leclerc, a Digital Compositor for Star Wars Rogue One

Sebastien Leclerc, a Digital Compositor for Star Wars Rogue One

Sébastien Leclerc, ArtFx class of 2016, worked on the new Star Wars saga, Rouge One. Being part of this legendary blockbuster is a dream come true for him. It’s only been two months since his graduation and this is already the second major feature-length film to be added to his resume.

- You left school in June (2016). Was Star Wars your first project?
It was my second project! The first one was the next Pirates of the Caribbean coming out May 2017. After ArtFx, I signed my first contract with Atomic Fiction, a visual effects studio based in Montreal. That is where I had the chance to start my career on these two big sagas.


- What did you do on the movie?
I was a Digital Compositor.


- How was the production of the movie?
Very good! Everything was very organized because these kind of big blockbusters require help from a lot of people and each person has a very precise role. It was impressive to see how they gave everyone a chance to add their own art and at the same time maintain a consistent look throughout the sequences.


Was it easy for you to work with the production pipeline?
Yes, the tools used for compositing are the same as those that we saw in class. We work on Nuke so this was familiar to me. Of course, Atomic Fiction has also developed some internal tools, but they provide in-house training for these.


Have you discovered some other tools or software that you have specifically enjoyed?
Without a doubt, Conductor is the software that has impressed me the most. It was developed by Atomic Fiction and they recently launched a beta version online. Basically, it is a rendering tool using the Cloud, so the power is almost unlimited! Even huge renders are completed in an astonishingly short amount of time. This tool will definitely change the future of the VFX industry.


Are you using an asset manager like Shotgun or FTrack?
Yes, we are working with Shotgun. It allows us to keep an eye on the whole production and stay connected to the clients, the supervisors, the coordinators and the artists. They can all quickly exchange feedback and react faster this way.
How do you see the future of your career? What are your goals?

For the moment, I will stay with Atomic Fiction. I am very thankful to them and the great start that they have offered me. Moreover, a lot of big projects are coming (I can’t tell you the names because it’s a secret for the moment!). My wish is more directed towards future ArtFx’s students, I hope that they, too, will have the chance to work on such big projects after their schooling and that I will have a chance to work with other ArtFx graduates very soon!

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